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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

No Need To Keep Those Cheques Coming

We really don't seem to sell many books these days and I'm guessing it's because of the internet. 
And when we give you guidance like here today on how to get stained glass patterns from the net for free, we'll sell even fewer.
So, looking for a pattern? Here's one of the best free tips you'll get today (aside from selling RIM).
Now be patient- it's not just the Google search thing that everybody knows about- there's more to it;

1) Stop looking at naughty pictures on the web and type into the Google search box a subject with the words 'stained glass' included.

Here's our beginning of a search for a pattern for a stained glass frog:


Now that's a familiar page. But here's where things get so much better.

2) Now click on the word 'Images' which you'll find on the left side of this page;


3) This is where things get really cool- now click on the words 'Line drawing' and here's what you'll get:


4) Oh yeah, best tip now?
Sell your stock in Indigo/Chapters

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