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Friday, 10 October 2014

Our Intermediate Classes

Last week Mikey slinked downstairs and was shocked to find out that instead of an Intermediate Course taking place, there was some sort of Lunch Club going on. 
And these students are paying FIG real money for this!
In any case, it seems that if Mikey sneaks down a bit earlier people are actually doing stuff.
Some of them now going on 25 years. 
Some doing foil. Or lead. Or mosaics. 
Even fusing (because firings are included in the cost of the course).
And all under the tutelage of Theresa, another of our loyal and longtime instructors. And she does it all- glass, pottery, painting in several mediums. Even brings Mikey coffee.
Anyhow, we thought this would be a good opportunity to post a few pics (this way Mikey can believe that some glass work actually takes place... Vanna Opal).

Just keep Mikey away from the Wed Night Class- his head will explode!

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