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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Uroboros Glass

Uroboros is the seventh studio album by Japanese metal band Dir En GreyThe album is named after the Ouroboros symbol, which is a dragon or snake figure depicted in full circle consuming itself. This represents continuity and the cycle of power, emphasizing the theme of reincarnation.
Do I hear 'lawsuit'?
Happily, this is not the Uroboros we wish to talk about today although their name carries the same symbolism as the heavy metal band.
Uroboros Glass Studios is a smallish devoted quality oriented art glass manufacturer located in Portland Oregon and really is the world leader in representational art glass, or Tiffany Glass. They manufacture an incredibly wide and vivid range of colours, styles, and special effects sheet glass. Their glass is hand cast glass, made in small runs and has a very unique look and superior cutability. Their broad palette of styles of art glass includes Tiffany inventions such as ring mottles, drapery glass and fracture/streamers.
Heck, they even make Sys96 glass for fusing.
Do we have much? 
You bet. Here's just a few of Mikey's favourites pulled from the racks-

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