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Saturday, 4 October 2014

This Is Why

Mikey and some of the FIG Staff have been fusing now for over 30 years (hard to believe- Mikey looks so young... Louie). So far back that there was no fusible glass being marketed at that time so we had to do our own testing (I can tell you stories of buying spark plug gap setters to use in testing... Mikey) and much of what we learnt was by trial and error.
Because of Mikey's deep seated love for fusing, we always carried the largest and most varied selection of glass for kiln work as well as kilns, molds, accessory glass, rods, etc.
And as for sheet glass we were an official Bullseye Dealer for years, bought from Uroboros and also carried Wasser and Spectrum Glass. Add the three together and we stocked at one time well over 600 colours!
So what happened to Bullseye? Why don't we carry it any longer? 
This is why-


Anonymous said...

You dont carry it because they have an in-store only sale 10 hours away? I get it..they are selling direct. But its still a huge hassle to buy across the border so im still loyal to any Canadian BE retailer... FiredUp has become my go-to when you guys got mad at BE and opted out. I miss coming to FIG!

Mikey Figgy said...

... and we miss you too.
To your comment above, Mamorock is 7 1/2 hours away, still a fair distance but we have some of our customers still using BU going down and doing a group buy. As for the border, there is no duties on BU (NAFTA) so there really is no 'hassle'.
And of course, all this can be shipped, and with discounts of 50% and more it makes a lot of sense. When I carried BU I could never ever compete with those prices given such a tremendous discount.
And in spite of what anyone may think this sale would be impossible to beat from ANY Canadian supplier.