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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bottle Fuse and Slump

Mikey was gifted a beautiful fused and slumped bottle from Gwen The Friday Student which has been greatly admired by all those who darken our doorstep. 
She has also been gracious to offer her firing schedule for this project for anyone else that may want to duplicate it.
The bottle fuse & slump in one firing is:
325 to 1000 hold 10
300 to 1360 hold 30 (this varies with the type of bottle – see note below)
Full to 970 hold 45
Note:  Different bottles fuse at different temps.  I’ve gone as high as 1380 and as low as 1350.  Sometimes I get little spurs on the sides which if they are small enough I smooth out with sand paper.  If they are too big to sand, I refire at a lower temp.

Thanks Gwen!

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